Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Celtic Women are amazing singers!

Earlier this week, my singing instructor* encouraged me to listen to "The Last Rose of Summer." Youtube nicely provided me with a rendition of this song as sung by the Celtic Women. also recommended that I listen to "Caledonia" by the Celtic Women. So now I have just spent the last week listening to "Caledonia" on constant repeat. The grandkids of my neighbors (whose yard is next to my windows) are singing the song because they're heard it so much, my neighbors most likely never want to hear it again or hear me attempting to sing it, and a colleague asked me today why I was singing outloud at work...

It is time to find a new song to listen to. And I need to find a song to sing at a recital in November. Any recommendations?

If you want to hear the 2 songs sung by the Celtic Women, here are the links:
Last Rose of Summer

*Yes, I take singing lessons and enjoy them. I'll go more into them later & how much mental focus is required for singing (and stomach muscles are also needed).

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