Sunday, January 31, 2010

Small town parades provide great entertainment

It is not everyday that I have the privilege of attending a small town Christmas parade.  So what an experience it was to attend the Christmas parade of my hometown's. 

Many of the parade exhibits were utterly bizarre and unique to small town Colorado (pics below).  In addition, an impromptu karoake and dance session happened in the street after the parade.  And just in case you wanted to attend again, a repeat parade happened the next Saturday.  Who says small towns have limited entertainment?

On that note, please feel free to write a comment descirbing your most random parade experience.  I'd be interested to hear if anyone can top this...

Parade exhibits included:
Cars covered in quilts:
Llama's wearing reindeer ears:
The senior citizen clogging team: (looking impressively in-shape and slightly hilarious in stripper boots)
A red, white and blue dinosaur with stars and stripes.
The train on the truck:
And the walking advertisment for the Halloween costume store (Christmas is the perfect time for a costume!)

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