Saturday, April 10, 2010

Generation gap moment: the car window handle

Today, I had my 1st "generation gap" moment...  This morning I drove 2 friends + their 2 kids to the train station.  The 5 yr. old son was sitting in the back seat next to the window.  Half-way through the ride he asked what the window handle did. 

This is definitely the moment when I realized that I'm grown up. Not only that, but I learned that the younger generation is now old enough to articulate that they have no clue of things that I grew up with (quite a generation gap). 

This has never happened to me before.  I don't have kids or spend enough time around kids to experience this.  All of my friends are about my age, so no generation gap there.  At work, I'm usually the youngest person by 5-10 years so I am usually the person making the generation gaps comments. 

The best part of this generation gap was seeing the 5 yr old understand what the handle did and trying it... it was an "ah ha" moment for him.  He thought it was so cool.  Meanwhile, all of us adults were remembering how impressed we were when power windows were invented.

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