Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cupcakes in Different Countries

I'm not a "sugar" person. A bag of chocolate or sweets could sit unopened at my apt. for months (this requires no self-restraint). On my first birthday in Germany, everyone gave me sweets and chocolate. These remain unopened until 8 months later when I returned to the US and gave them to my family and friends. A bag of salty chips is a completely different story...*

With that said - on all recent trips, I somehow ended up at a cupcake shops. There is something about cupcakes that make them difficult to resist. The cupcakes (seen below) all received a 100% rating on the "yummy" scale.

From Candy Cakes in Covent Garden, London:

From Mercado de San Miguel, in Madrid:  

From The Hummingbird Bakery, Nottinghill, London:

*This is a huge joke amongst my friends in Germany.  A while ago, there was a dessert making contest between two German friends who both bragged that they were the better dessert maker.   They spent 3 days making 5 desserts each.  When the tasting happened - I ate the apples out the pie (leaving the crust), had a spoonful of something chocolatey, skipped the other desserts, and had some salty pretzels.  Because of my "torturing" of the apple pie and lack of appreciation for the other desserts, I'm no longer invited to dessert contests.  And whenever they hold dinner parties, they always bring out dessert for everyone else and a bag of something salty for me. :)  To my defense, I did mention to both of them not to make me a portion as I probably wouldn't eat it.  They are good chefs though!

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