Sunday, August 8, 2010

Where to shop online?

If you haven't already bought clothes online, now is the time to start!  Below is a list of my favorite online clothes stores. 

Zappos - The gold standard of online shopping. And the best shoe store ever. Zappos sells shoes all shoes from every brand, and recently began selling clothing. It offers items for women, men, and children.  The search function is quick and easy-to-use.   The website has "wish list" and favorites" sections where customers can add items the like, then come back later to review price changes and decide about purchases.  If you find an item that is out-of-stock or full price, Zappos will notify you via email if it comes back in stock or goes on-sale.  The customer reviews are the best of any online store, filled with input to help shoppers better pick a size (Ex: "fits true to size" or "fits a half size smaller").  Zappos offers free shipping on all orders and returns.  The return process is hassle free, requiring ~5 mouse clicks (UPS will even pick-up returns directly from your house).  The customer service is the best part.  The service team, available 24/7, goes above and beyond to help you (this includes overnight shipping for free to ensure that you have your purchase for an important event).  Zappos prices are frequently much lower than other stores.

ShopStyle - The focus of this website is everything fashionable. It  consolidates clothes, shoes, accessories, beauty products and home stuff from all major designers into a single-platform for shoppers to search. It offers items for women, men, kids, and the home.  Users are encouraged to sign-up (for free), and create "stylebooks," where they put together an entire look or pick designs from their favorite designers, to share with other users.  The search function is easy-to-use.  This website has the "wish list" and "favorites" sections where shoppers can add items they like, and come back later to review prices and decide about.  Shoppers can also sign-up to be notified when items are back in stock or going on sale.  Shoppers can also sign-up to follow other users fashion ideas (when they post a new look or stylebook, you'll be notified) And if looking like a celebrity is your thing, the website shows who's wearing what and where to purchase it (this includes items seen on celebrities which are not yet in stores).  Items are not actually sold via this website, instead you will be forwarded to the applicable online store for purchase. 

Gilt Group - This is a hidden gem in the US shopping world. When designers and up-and-coming designers need to clear out their showrooms quickly (usually to make way for new items), they send the items to the Gilt Group. The Gilt Group consolidates them, takes new pics of them, and then has a 2-3 day sale where the items are discounted 50-80% (think $500 Coach purse for $75). To participate in these sales, you need to subscribe to the Gilt Goup (click here to subscribe - membership is free). All Gilt Group subscribers are notified via email of sales 5 min before they start (or you can check on the website each week to see what sales will happen in the upcoming week). There are usually 3-4 designers on sale per week. Word to the wise: when you receive this emails, open immediately, browse, and order. With the stellar prices, items sell-out quickly.  As a bonus: some Gilt Group sales include delas on travel (like 50-80% off for amazing boutique hotels or cruises).

Asos - This is a UK website selling chic clothing at reasonable rates. Shipping is free only within the UK (however, I've heard that Asos will soon set-up in the US and will offer free shipping within the US).  It offers items for women, men, and kids.  Asos only exists as an online store.  And only Asos-brand items are sold via the Asos website (this is actually a huge inventory, especially compared to brick & mortar stores who also sell their clothes online).   Asos has a philosophy similar to Forever 21 or H&M, but produces higher quality items.  The Asos designers take ideas from the runways, change them to fit the mainstream population (and add a very "London/Euro" vibe to the items), then produce the items at lower costs. 

Ebay - No introduction should be needed for ebay.  eBay is especially great for finding items which are no longer sold at stores or are speciality clothing items.  Items are often sold here at the lowest prices you'll find (however to obtain the lower price, you'll need to participate in an auction where you risk not winning the item in the end).

Tips for online clothes shopping:
1. Sign-up for an account on each website. These are usually free and will keep a record of your preferences.
2. Add items to your "favorites" or "wish list" (to do this, you usually must be a member). This will enable to you to come back at a later point, check if the items are on sale, and order the items.
3. Wait a couple days/weeks before purchasing. There is a good chance the price will be reduced.
4. Click on "suggested items." The website tracks your preferences and will suggests other items which you might like.
5. Order 2 sizes in each item you purchase.  With free and easy returns, you can keep the size that fits and send back the other size.
6. Read the customer reviews - these will often provide a good indication of how the items fits.
7. Suggest items for friends (and ask them to do the same for you). You'll end up looking at clothes which you wouldn't normally pick, but which look great.
8. Sign-up for email notifications regarding sales of your favorite brands or to notify you if something is back in stock.

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