Wednesday, July 7, 2010

And the rain came pouring down for the DE v. AR football match

Bad decision to watch the DE v. AR football match at the Zollhofgarten (an outdoor public viewing site) instead of opting to watch it inside at a friends house.   Having hot, humid morning weather, we were completely unprepared for the torrential downpour that happened midway through the 1st half.  Within 2 min, all of us were soaking wet. 

Note for future: when the weather forecast predicts an "80% chance of rain"... plan for rain (even if there are no clouds in the sky). 

1. And the rain starts.

2. Security guards tried to save the TV (and the film crew filmed the viewers escaping the downpour).

3. Moved to an indoor location across the street.

4. DE fans "boo" Diego Maradona.  Unfortunately, I don't have videos of this which happened a lot & loudly. (I like Maradona, he's a entertaining coach)

5. Celebration after DE won (please excuse the shakiness; this video was filmed while biking).

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