Saturday, July 10, 2010

Paul was right again...

Paul, a German octopus, has predicted the results of every World Cup match. While his forecasting techniques may be questionable, he has been 100% correct. And unfortunately, he correctly predicted that Spain (ES) would beat Germany (DE). Needless to say, the atmosphere in DE is now very somber. Gone are all the flags, loud football songs, and streets packed with cars honking their horns. Instead, all the Germans are sitting at the doner kebab stand to eat away their sorrows.*

Video: DE fans cheering at the match start (the song in the video is the most famous German football song which basically says "shoot a goal, shoot a goal...")

Video: ES fans cheering after the goal

Note: These videos were taken at the Heidelberg University Mensa public viewing.
*Doner kebab stands are the equivalent to 24/7 Mexican & Pizza places in the US. They provide the late night food in Germany (unfortunately, there are no shops selling vegetarian kebabs).

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