Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bosnia & Croatia trip

The trip to Bosnia & Croatia was amazing and well-needed. It was a whirlwind trip (9 days, 5 locations!) with many great adventures which I'll tell in subsequent blog posts.

Some interesting things from the trip:
1. I did NOT end up in any ER, and had no major injuries. Quite an accomplishment for me, considering my history of trips!

2. The best way to see this coast is via yacht. Many visitors rent a yacht and travel from port to port. Next year, I will do the same. Who wants to join?

3. The tap water is very clean in Bosnia & Croatia. There are pretty fountains all over town, just running, where you can get a drink or fill up a water bottle.

4. Croatia, Bosnia & Slovenia have some of the most impressive national forests in all of Europe. They are well-known for these in E. Europe, but not elsewhere.

5. E. Europeans are very nice and well-educated. Many spoke multiple languages. And all were happy to give us directions or even provide us with the history of their town.

6. E. Europe has the world's worst vegetarian dishes. All meals come with meat. If you're a vegetarian, prepare to lose weight. Also, don't mention to anyone that you are a vegetarian because they will look at you weird and then proceed to serve you the "vegetarian dish" which has meat on it. For meat-eaters, apparantely the fish is fantastic.

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