Saturday, September 12, 2009

What colors should my apt be painted?

In Germany, the tenant is required to paint their own apt when they move in, and they do not have to return it to it's original color when leaving. So the tenants can be very creative in their painting designs and colors.

When I first moved into my apt, I painted each room with 1 wall & door trim in a bright sea blue, and remaining walls white. This ended up looking horrible. As the floor is grayish tile, the blue/white/gray colors created a very hospital-like, sterile feel. To fix this, I painted over the white walls with a bright yellow. The final effect is lovely and creates a warm atmosphe. However, it also resembles something out of Alice in Wonderland or a Disney movie which can get tiring.

3 weeks ago, I re-painted my entry-way with the original color scheme. And then promptly remembered why I didn't like it originally. Now I can't decide which color scheme to keep...

Pic1: hallway with yellow & blue color scheme
Pics 2 & 3: hallway with white & blue color scheme
Pics 3 & 4: living room
Pics 5: kitchen
*Click on pics to make bigger.

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