Monday, September 7, 2009

Spiders are taking over my apt... YUCK!

Last night I came back from 9 wonderful days in Croatia to find multiple, gigantic spiders living in my apt. Apparantely, my apt is a wonderful home for them.

Some background: I am NOT a spider fan. When I was little, it was common in our house to find upside down cups on different surfaces which contained spiders. My sister and I would put the cups over the spiders and ask my Mom or brother to kill them. I was not able to kill them myself (or set them free) as that would involve touching them through a tissue (this still counts as touching them) which freaks me out.

My fear of killing spiders was overcome while living in Tanzania where there are huge spiders (~2 inches in diameter). After finding a spider on my pillow, I screamed. This caused the little boy of the family that I lived with to come into the room, put the spider on a stick, and chase me around with it for 30 min, saying "bui bui" (spider in kiswahili) the whole time. After that I learned that the bottom of a tennis shoe does the trick and minimalizes the contact with the spider. It also ensures that little kids don't chase me around with live spiders.

Before I left for vacation, I spent 2 hours de-spidering my apt. This involved cleaning and spraying bleach on the outside of all the windows where there are spiderwebs (not bio friendly, but it at least got rid of the spiderwebs without me having to use a tissue and touch them). Since this obviously didn't work at keeping the spiders out of my apt, last night I spent another hour searching every for spiders. There are now black/red marks on multiple walls and ceilings from crushed spider guts. This does not come off walls well. Yuck. In addition, everytime a piece of hair moves or I bump something, I immediately freak out and think it's a spider.

Are there spider exterminators here?

Update1: Apparantely my neighbors are also smashing spiders. There are dead spider guts on the outside walls of my apt complex.

Update2: Spiders are living in my toilet?!?! One was resting in the area where the water comes out when you flush... That is going to cause many nightmares.

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